I have been painting, off and on, since I was in 5th grade and it has only recently become a serious part of my life again. Since spring break of 2016 I have done some plein air painting and also quite a few commissioned paintings. For years I told myself, over and over again, “You really should paint more”, but work and raising a son took the better part of my time. It has been a process of growth, in confidence and self-esteem, to where I feel painting and photography is a serious part of my life.

My son is in his fourth year of college now and I have been officially an empty nester for a couple of years, so I am steering my life to fine art again. I LOVE IT! I have found my voice through paint and photography and am letting God take me on a new path. It is fun to share my view of life through painting and photography and I enjoy people’s reaction to it and making people happy with it.

By trade, I am a media specialist and have worked in the graphic design, print, digital media, and photography industry for more than 30 years. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art. You can click here to view my professional portfolio.

I offer painting and drawing classes and really enjoy teaching students how to express themselves visually.

I enjoy capturing fun, expressive, important moments through my photography and feelings about the people and places I shoot. I love dogs, old barns, old houses, and for the most part, old things. I also really enjoy the outdoors, hiking, fishing, cycling, kayaking, canoeing.